Turkey Press

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"This product is so wonderful aside from the obvious generosity and reminder to be grateful! My kids loved coming together and writing down what they were grateful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving! By Thanksgiving our turkey had blossomed into a beautiful, fully feathered, grateful turkey. I need to buy more feathers!" - Jennifer, Chicago

"It's a rare book that comes along that can teach us so many important life lessons. Turkey on the Table® is a perfect example of how easy it is to make an impact on someone's life by recognizing our gifts and spreading kindness to others. When Thanksgiving is over and we put our turkey away, I'd encourage Turkey on the Table® and all of its feathers to be read throughout the year as a daily reminder of the values that should truly be celebrated in life.” - Melissa Smith, co-founder of Party In-kindness

"Turkey on the Table® is a wonderful new tradition for our family! I love the fun, organized way to record and display what we are all grateful for." Laura, California

"My kids love reading the book with me, and they have both come up with creative and touching things to be thankful for." Becky, California

"It has become a family Thanksgiving dinner topic of discussion and my kids LOVE it! A great way to express our gratitude." Gina, California