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Retailers' FAQ

Q:  How many feathers come with the turkey?

A:  The turkey kit comes with 13 double-sided feathers, one side of a feather for each day of November from Nov. 1 until Thanksgiving Day.

Q:  How many feathers come in the refill packs?

A:  The refill packs include a full set of 13 double-sided feathers

Q:  How is the product intended to be used?

A:  The gratitude activity can start on November 1st, and continue daily until the turkey is “fully dressed” on Thanksgiving Day. Another option is to also do the activity the day of Thanksgiving with the guests around your table.

Q:  How many meals are provided with each purchase?

A:  Turkey on the Table donates the equivalent of 10 meals to people in need through their partnership with Feeding America.

Q:  Is the product only for children?

A:  No. Turkey on the Table is meant to be a group activity for anyone. Whether it’s a Friendsgiving with a group of singles, or a gathering of empty nesters, Turkey on the Table is a feel-good activity for everyone.

Q:  What is the best way to sell Turkey on the Table at my store?

A:  •  Always display a turkey near your check out area, fully dressed with it’s feathers filled out (a great activity for your employees).

  •  Have the book nearby so customers can flip through and read while they are checking out.
  •  Engage the customer and tell them that not only is this a great new family tradition, but it also feeds people in need by donating 10 meals for every turkey sold.
  •  Inform your customers that these make excellent teacher gifts, and hostess gifts on Thanksgiving Day.
  •  Create a coloring contest in your store using our printable Turkey on the Table coloring page found on our website (include hyperlink to coloring page)